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100's of Free self marking interactive worksheets to practice and master basic arithmetic skills.



Mathulator Products

 The Free Online Mathulator is a series of interactive Primary maths teaching tools designed for use on the class IWB or on pupils ICT devices.


The Mathulator Pupil Workbook is a cost effective A4 wipeable version of this innovative new teaching resource.

  Developed from the ground up, these easy to use tactile wooden maths manipulatives, wipeable pupil workbooks and online interactive 'IWB' friendly resources, offer a comprehensive insight into basic Primary Maths concepts that are easy to teach with and learn from, both in the classroom by teachers and for intervention purposes by teaching assistants, reducing the need for expensive classroom resources and CPD training associated with this genre of teacher development.

  These exciting new products offer Singapore style maths learning, whereby number facts and patterns are represented with concrete objects that pupils manipulate to develop their mental imagary bank which is key to developing a longterm memory using the (VAK) learning process.

  • All Inclusive Learning - Pupils of all abilities can engage in maths, raising attainment across the school.  more
  • Concrete/Visual representation - See the maths unfold using hands-on materials, including IWB versions for teachers and workbooks for pupils, providing visual and/or concrete representations.  more
  • Pupil Premium - Meets Pupil Premium with whole class, one-to-one and small group lessons. more
  • Research based methods - Developed from research involving arrays and the use of maths manipulatives from around the world, including Singapore maths.
  • We advise opening the Mathulator using Google Chrome.

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