Primary Maths Resources

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All inclusive learning


100's of Free self marking interactive worksheets to practice and master basic arithmetic skills.



Mathulator Products

 The Free Online Mathulator is a series of interactive teaching  tools designed for use on the class IWB or on pupil's ICT device.



The Mathulator Pupil Workbook is a cost effective A4 wipeable version of this innovative new teaching resource.


  Designed to allow pupils to easily handle, see and then physically manipulate the concrete representations that are crucial to a pupils development in the understanding of mathematics.

  These exciting new products allow the exploration of number facts, patterns and shapes, looking at special cases which can then lead to generalisations.

All Inclusive Learning - is part of everyday modern teaching practice, however when it comes to the teaching of mathematics, which relies on the understanding of abstract concepts to solve questions or real life problems; pupils are easily and quickly lost in the classroom, unable to access the lesson and any subsequent learning regarding that topic.

 These innovative products offer the opportunity for pupils to be hands-on in the classroom using representational learning (Singapore maths) alongside concrete visual iimagery in all the important areas of mathematics, either with our iinteractive online resources, wipeable workbooks or using our tactile wooden boards, pupils can easily access mathematical concepts using representation and how it relates to the abstract and real life modelling.