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Concrete representation


100's of Free self marking interactive worksheets to practice and master basic arithmetic skills.



Mathulator Products

 The Free Online Mathulator is a series of interactive teaching  tools designed for use on the class IWB or on pupil's ICT device.



The Mathulator Pupil Workbook is a cost effective A4 wipeable version of this innovative new teaching resource.


  Designed to allow pupils of different levels to explore maths with care taken in the design process, to provide a resource that not only provided a flexible insight into maths but was fun to use, tactile and professional in appearance, this allows engagement of under-achieving and talented pupils alike.

  The mathematical Visual image bank of pupils is of great importance, as these images are called upon later when processing mathematical ideas in problem solving and real life modelling. An example use of the image bank is to be able to recognise small  groups of objects and their associated numerical values.

Concrete representation - is the use of real life objects to show the theory, working in practice, this is the basis of many teaching methods adopted throughout history including the recent Singapore maths.

 These resources use interactive counters on the online version and real counters can be applied to the pupil workbooks, in conjunction with the ability to overwrite on the class IWB or pupil workbook, making it an ideal tool for developing pupil's deep understanding of abstract maths concepts and developing cognitive skills along the journey.

Early pioneers of this work include Caleb Gattegno who was associated with Cuissinaire rods, Dr. Catherine Stern who developed Stern Arithmetic, later used by Oxford University as the framework of Numicon. The Mathulator covers all the topics capable by the above mentioned work and many more besides, leading the way in Primary maths education resources.