Primary Maths Resources

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Pupil premium


100's of Free self marking interactive worksheets to practice and master basic arithmetic skills.



Mathulator Products

 The Free Online Mathulator is a series of interactive teaching  tools designed for use on the class IWB or on pupil's ICT device.



The Mathulator Pupil Workbook is a cost effective A4 wipeable version of this innovative new teaching resource.


  Designed to allow pupils to easily handle, see and then manipulate the concrete representations that are crucial to a pupils development in the understanding of mathematics.

  These exciting new products allow the exploration of number facts, patterns and shapes, looking at special cases which can then lead to generalisations.

Pupil premium - is the funding provided for the additional help of pupils who need extra one to one or small group work to help them develop their maths skills.

 These resources offer cost effective teaching/learning resources to schools in a time when annual budgets are shrinking,  government expectation is rising and Pupil premium is fully accountable.

Offering free IWB resources to schools in order that they can provide the best maths education possible to pupils of Primary age, where there is little available funding to provide these resources; we also offer affordable pupil workbooks with wipeable pages for use in mainstream lessons or intervention work, reducing the notoriously high prices of intervention resources/training and maximising pupil development.